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How do I nominate people?

It’s simple. When you share your unique Nomination link, that will let us know that the servicemember who signs up was nominated by you. Here’s your unique link:

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Make sure to use this link, or we won’t know that you made the nomination. We want to give credit where it’s due to people who are helping servicemembers take advantage of Shift career change programs.

Who should I share this with?


Military Fellowships are a chance for active duty servicemembers to leave their base and spend their last few months of service working inside of some of the country’s most exciting companies. We typically look for servicemembers who are starting to think about their transition out of the military and into the civilian workforce. We work most closely with servicemembers who are 6-12 months from ETS.

Ideal Candidates

Military Fellowships are a way for anyone to change careers, as long as they’re willing to put in the work. More than half of our Military Fellows are enlisted servicemembers, many of whom have only a few years of experience and didn’t go to college. In fact, we don’t require a college degree, and we pride ourselves on finding opportunities that first and foremost value military experience.

Experienced Candidates

No matter who your nominee is, we’ll help them find the perfect fit. That said, for officers and seasoned NCOs, we have particularly exciting opportunities available. Our network of hiring partners includes some of America’s fastest-growing and exciting companies such as WeWork, Palantir, Cisco Meraki, and Major League Baseball. The more you’ve demonstrated breakout military performance, the better your opportunity.

Getting Rewarded

How do I get rewarded?

Make sure to use your unique nomination link:

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If your nominee applies to Shift within 15 days of their first visit to our website, you’ll be credited with the nomination. You earn your $500 cash reward if your nominee successfully starts at Military Fellowship at a Shift partner organization. Once you’ve qualified for a reward, we’ll notify you within 30 days and give you instructions on how to get paid.

Shareable Resources

What can I share that would get my nominee excited?

Military Fellows Video. A quick overview of our Military Fellows program.

Military Fellowship Handbook. A guide that answers pretty much any question that your nominee would have about what the program is, how it works, the roles and companies, and plenty more.

Military Fellowship Handout. A 1-page printable document that you can share with nominees and military transition professionals. We’re happy to customize your referral link on request.

Nominations Handout. A 2-page printable document that you can share with friends and other veteran organizations so they can get rewarded as well.

Nominations Announcement. An in-depth blog post announcing this program.